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Welcome to Siembra Today. We are a women-run, BIPOC led non-profit organization devoted to transforming the lives of our community by providing accessible mental health and wellness support. In Spanish “Siembra” means to plant, and together we are cultivating a future where individuals feel seen, heard, and supported on their journey towards overall well-being.


We firmly believe that mental health care and support should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, age, gender, or ethnicity. We plant the seeds of hope. We understand that vulnerable communities often face unique challenges when accessing mental health resources, which is why we have made it our mission to bridge the gap and ensure support and access.

We are committed to breaking down barriers that prevent individuals from seeking and accessing help. This includes providing culturally sensitive and bilingual services to ensure language and cultural differences do not hinder someone’s ability to access the care they deserve. Additionally, we work closely with community leaders, organizations, and a network of social service providers. 


Through narrative storytelling, books, workshops, healing circles, conferences, and social media campaigns our goal is to destigmatize and promote mental health and wellness for the Latino/a/x/e and BIPOC community so that they can plant seeds of hope for themselves and for future generations.


Our mission at Siembra Today is to disrupt oppressive systemic barriers to mental health and equip Latine* communities with tools to transform well-being.

*People of the Diaspora; People of the Global Majority; BIPOC, Latinx/e


Our hope is for the Latine* community to have equitable, stigma-free access to mental well-being.

*People of the Diaspora; People of the Global Majority; BIPOC, Latinx/e


Siembra Today was born from a seed planted by the Latinx/e in Social Work authors, who published their personal narratives of trauma and resilience to inspire, heal, and lead their communities. Sandoval CoLab provided a foundation for the seed to grow and thrive. Siembra Today are the hands that plant, nurture, and weave the soul of the seed.


Together, we wanted to harvest a healthier community by providing accessible means of support to grow and strengthen the next generation. 

Siembra Today was founded in 2023 to synthesize the work of two partner organizations, Latinx/e in Social Work®️ and Sandoval CoLab, that have been serving our communities for the past three years.

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